Vincenzo Burlizzi, incisioni, libri d'artista, stamperia, grafica d'arte, Firenze, Italia

© 2017 By Vincenzo Burlizzi


I was born in 1967. Since 1986 I live in Florence. I studied printmaking four years at “il Bisonte - International School for Graphic Art”, then, by 2002 until 2016, in the same school I taught  Printmaking and Typography. I also taught at the "Internationale Dresdner Sommerakademie" in Dresden (Germany), and at the Florence Art Program of the Sarah Lawrence College of New York.

At the same time I continued to work like artist and my works was in several exibitons and collections.

I am a member of Associazione Incisori Contemporanei.

In 2018 I founded “BK edizioni”, with Erico Kito, a small print studio where we produce printmaking editions , artist books and more.